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Improve your business or make your life extraordinary

Our Services

Data Driven Consulting

We offer 15 years experience in IT area to let you save your time by implementing ready to use solutions in Agile methodology, big data analytics, ML and AI.

All these solutions give you data driven approach and understandig of how to grow your business based on regular hypotheses testing and finding the most effective solutions.

Music Mentor Service

15+ years of experience as musicians and teachers in one place!

If you want to find a teacher for you or find clients for yourself or your music school just get started with and find what ever you're looking for.

This is the place where people find each other!

Personalized AI Pricing Service

AI solution for your business to grow users Lifetime, Retention, and LTV with or Revenue by Personalized AI pricing with

These solutions are developed by our partner and expert in AI and machine learning. Just contact us and we guide you through amazing world of AI to a new incredible business goals you ever imagine!

Electricity Usage Monitoring Service

Control your electricity usage and save your money!

Now it become so simple in Cyprus!

Just sign up in and start save money! Don't let uncontrolled electricity usage jump to your pocket! 

With our service you will find realtime chart of electricity usage in your flat or house and realtime spendings. Plus realtime forecasting model can predict the amount of your final electricity 2-months bill!

We share our experience and create new solutions

We are so excited to be involved in the process of creating the future! We realise that our contribution to this future is not so big as Elon Mask's activities :) or others like him but we believe if more people involved in a new era of IT the world definitely become more safer and interesting! 

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