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Our Mission

Let AI and technology help human being open positive and creative energy to be able look up!

Our Story






Me, Sergei, and my wife, Kate, faced with an irresistible desire to start our own business while we came to Cyprus for the second time and relazed that this island have became our 

home. Last time we was living for almost 4 years in Cyprus.

Together we have accumulated experience in the field of IT, management, psychology, music, marketing which we would like to use to realize our creative energy for good.

We believe that the technologies human creating now will allow him to make an evolutionary leap tomorrow!

This will help us all realize the magnitude of the universe and our place in it.

For this, it is important for all of us to look up more often!

In addition to IT consulting, we are currently focused on three IT services: in the field of energy, music and marketing. These services are primarily IT products.

Why in these areas?

As you know, to make a good product, you need to be an expert in the field the product is being created. Accordingly, Kate is an expert in the field of music and psychology, I am in the field of microelectronics, our partners are in the field of marketing. 
In addition to this, we know and have huge experience how to create IT products and IT teams, which in general led us to the idea of ​​creating services within our own company.

I would like to separately mention that what is happening in the field of AI cannot be ignored! It has penetrated into our lives everywhere and will improve the quality of life many times over! 
What we create uses AI in one way or another! What our partners have created directly uses neural networks. It helps determine the most suitable conditions for each potential user of any service, which increases both the conversion to a paying client and its lifetime (and other parameters).

We have a lot of plans to create more intersting and first of all usefull services to improve not only businesses but out personal lives and nature!

Join us :)

What we focused on now

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