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Analytics for Startups

Our experience will save your budget.

Modern solutions in every aspect of life and business

Every person is unique! Every business built based on complex synergy of unique potentials and synchronous activities! Modern solutions based on data let that synergy rezonate increasing initial power many times!​

What we offer

Here are some solutions we and our partners designed to improve life and business. 



Data Driven Consulting

Make your business grow implementing data solutions which helps you better understand your market, do what you must do and stop doing what steals your energy!

Music Mentor Service

What could make a human more fulfilled and piecefull? Music! Music is the voice of beauty and nature! One soul is searching another sometimes to share own experience. Another one is in need and thirsts for knowledge!
This solution is helping these souls to find each onther!

Electricity Usage Monitoring Service

Electricity is expensive nowadays. This solution let keep your money in the pocket by notifying you about devices in your house or office which steel your energy too fast or in an inappropriate way. In other words this monitoring system gives you transparency in the use of electricity.

Personalized AI Pricing Service

Artificial intelligence is in our lives! It's a fact! Not using it's amazing capabilities means stand behind and lose not only a profit but miss something more importaint than that. You may lose the joy of knowledge and evolution!

This service is just an example of what AI can do with your pricing model or customer involvement in your product! It may really bring  your mind to the point when you realize that in that type technology is really the nearest future!

Who we are?

We are a team who believes in human evolution as a process of symbiosis between homo sapience and technology which as we see is a result of human mind. 

Me and my wife are co-founders of Modernum ltd based in Cyprus. This company represents our experience and our life values which are the instruments on the way of creating modern tech solutions for any kind of business or personal life. These solutions we hope become a small part of the globe way of evolution.

This is the way!





Сurious numbers


Cyprus population


Total Cyprus electricity consumption per year


Domestic Cyprus electricity consumption per year


Cyprus electricity consumption per person per month


Renewwable energy in Cyprus

Solutions we use

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Are You Ready to join us?

If you interested in any of our solutions or ideas feel free to contact us. We will be happy to see you either as a client or as a partner in case if you see opportunities in our collaboration.

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